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Workplace Compassion

It's been interesting and rewarding for me personally to explore compassion in the workplace. I've not only challenged you, but I've also challenged myself. Ultimately the rewards for exploring new behaviors and ways of being, or attitudes are the growth and knowledge of self that occur as a result. My personally philosophy is that we are all here to grow spiritually, and that growth looks different for all of us.

Expressing or simply feeling more compassion in our workplaces is part of that growth. If you found it impossible to be more compassionate don't worry. We all have different speeds. Personal growth is a lifetime journey. Hopefully through these articles you will at least have picked up one or two view points or distinctions that will make your professional relationships at least a tad easier to work with.

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Keys to Remember:

* They are who they are, and they have the right to be because they are already here.

* You are who you are, and you have the right to be because you are already here.

* We don't know the hardships our coworkers are going through or have gone through. A little compassion from you might be exactly what they need to help them begin healing emotionally.

* The need to be right stems from our ego mind. When we are in our ego state of mind, we do not think straight or clearly, and all we care about is being right because it's what our ego feeds on. If you or someone else is in this state during a conversation or argument, create physical space between you and give yourselves time for your analytical, adult mind to step back in and handle the situation correctly with full responsibility and focus on solutions.

The final thing to know is that you can set boundaries with coworkers. If you don't like what they have to say, if you don't want to participate in gossip, if you don't like when they talk to you a certain way. Whether supervisor, coworker or employer. You can let them know you are not comfortable with how they are talking to you and you are requesting they stop, and if they don't, then take whatever course of action you feel is appropriate for you. What you don't have the right to do however is tell them how they need to be because then you are the one overstepping a boundary.

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