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A 1300 number is a phone number that is used by businesses to enable clients contact them. This number allows customers to call the business at any time of the day or night. To get connected, a business must have an existing mobile phone or landline that enables the connection to work. When customers call the business or organization, their phone calls are diverted without their knowledge and placed through the number that is provided. Organisations that adopt the use of this number will enable their customers get any information needed at no cost. This ensures their customers easily contact them when required.

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Businesses using a 1300 number will have an improvement in their businesses. The number of customers getting in touch with the business increases which offers good sales report and increased revenue. This tool provides numbers that are easy to remember and are instantly connected to the business immediately a request for connection is received. The number provides users with a free report that is generated on a monthly or weekly basis. During the connection, free talk time is also provided to for calling customers if the need arises. Payment for calls is done only for the calls that are received by the organization.

Businesses that get several calls and are unable to answer their calls should adopt the use of 1300 number . This numbers have live answering option that re- routes unanswered call or missed call. The re-routed calls are received by trained operators who are able to provide the required information to the customer or caller. Businesses should adopt the use of this service as the customer to benefit from the extras that are provided including Voice to email. A notification is sent to your email each time a call is made to the number. An option for fax to email is option is also available as an extra at no extra cost.

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