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Being Consistent is the Key!

The more you achieve, the closer you get to your goal; the closer you get to your goal, the closer it is for you to achieve success. So to achieve success you can only depend on yourself and no one else. Even if success cannot be generalized doesn't mean there aren't ways or keys that will help you achieve success. So let us delve in to what exactly is the main key to your success and that key is consistency. Yes consistency is the key to your success.

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Why, you may ask? To be consistent is to be reliable and if you aren't reliable, no one will be able to trust you. Take for example Mike. Mike wants to be the most successful car salesman there is, but first Mike needs to gain credibility. How will John gain credibility? He will gain credibility through consistency, of course. Mike needs to make sure his listings are what he says they are and he needs to make sure the houses or apartments he sells are in top condition. If not, he will lose clients and people might talk and advise their friends against acquiring services him from him.

But Mike doesn't only need to be credible with his prospects he also needs to be credible with the people he is working for. If Mike promises to be able to sell 30 cars in a month, he needs to do everything he can to sell 30 cars. But everything he can has to be within reason and principle too. If Mike has a feeling he cannot sell 30 cars he shouldn't promise that he would be able to sell that many, or if he has already promised and some factors get in the way of him doing so, then he should notify whoever he is working for to explain to them (with a valid excuse) why he cannot deliver.

So do you see why consistency is important? Consistency equals credibility and credibility is what you need to succeed. You need to live by your word, because if you dont, no one will trust you and you will lose current clients, potential clients or even potential business deals. Being consistent also means that you don't give up if a problem or bump in the road comes up. Stay focused on your goal. Find ways around the problem or hurdle and keep in mind that if you really want to achieve something, it is attainable with perseverance. Make it a point to never lose your credibility.

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